Devon Latzen
Senior Digital Product Designer • San Francisco • Boston

Web Style Guide

Web Style Guide


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As StudyBlue experienced success and began to grow, we realized that we would need a formal style guide. We had been operating on a set of general principles, but had not codified them because they were still in flux. I sat down to lay out our basic styles, but left the floor open for other designers (or anyone with a strong point) to modify the guide.

Eventually I transitioned into a mobile focus, so I handed this over to the web team. They turned it into a living style guide, made of code snippets that are routinely updated. It has improved their workflow and saved a lot of hours.

If I were to create this again, I wold avoid mid-tone greys. They are really tricky to work with from an accessibility standpoint, especially with typography. I would also define the shades, rather than just setting down the primary tones. After I created it, I went to a talk and met Nathan A. Curtis, who really improved my understanding of a design system.